Arpeggione Sonata played on the musical instrument arpeggione


You may have been perplexed when you started watching this video.
Let me tell you more about it.

Franz Schubert wrote his sonata “Arpeggione” specifically for this musical instrument. And it was originally just called “Guitar Cello”.
I have several videos on my channel devoted to the history of this instrument.

My name is Pavel Goldberg. I’m a guitar master from Russia. I am also a musician, composer and performer. I was fascinated by the arpeggione.
I made this instrument for myself and started a project to revive and popularize this musical instrument – “ARPEGGIONE TODAY”.
My goal is to draw attention to this once underappreciated musical instrument. Now we have even begun production of the arpeggione.

And soon everyone will be able to own such an instrument.
And of course I have the excitement of playing Franz Schubert’s legendary sonata for arpeggione and piano.
I’m still on my way to perfection. I’ve only been practicing for two more years.
Here is the second movement of the Arpeggione Sonata.
Next year is the 225th birthday of the great composer.

At the end of the video is a bit of cuteness. My puppy loves music very much. She listened intently as I played and then expressed her attitude as best she could.