Playing music for nature

This summer, a dream that I have been dreaming for a whole year has come true.

But let’s take it in order.

About these days a year ago, we were walking in this forest, and I was wondering what direction in life to go next.

And then in the forest I asked my inner voice. What would I like? If only I could forget about money, obligations, and other needs. And my inner voice answered me quite loudly. That I would like to sit in a Sunny clearing in this or any other forest or other beautiful place and play this nature on the cello-guitar.

A few days later, I took a cello guitar ( or Arpeggione, as it is also called) from the top shelf. And started to complete the project, which at that time was already 3 years old. By the end of the summer, I had finished making the instrument and started learning to play it.

And so the circle closed and I was able to check whether it was or not? And it turned out that intuition is the best adviser.

It was an incredible new experience. Some places in the forest attracted me and I played for them. Not something specific. I let my hands move on their own and I got some new music. And in every new place a new one. It was as if the hands were not part of me, but part of nature itself, and they heard the forest and translated from its language into the language of sounds. And then the sounds came back to the forest.

It was a delightful dialogue. And what is also very interesting, usually after concerts for people, I feel tired. But here, on the contrary, strength and inner fullness only added.

And now there is a new goal-to visit different places on our beautiful planet and listen to what they will tell me.