Besame mucho with Andrea Bocelli backing track. Arpeggione instrument demonstration #5.

Arpeggione sound demo #5 In this video I will demonstrate the sound of the instrument – arpeggione and perform a fragment of the cover for the song – “Besame mucho”. I will use Andrea Bocelli backing track in c minor. ==============================================

Arpeggione is acoustic musical instruments invented in the 19th century. The first Arpeggione was created in 1823 by Johann Stauffer, an Austrian luthier and a true innovator of his time, for the guitar virtuoso Vincent Schuster. The great composer Franz Schubert was so enamored of the instrument that he wrote a sonata for it – he named it the Arpeggione Sonata (D821). After a period of mass popularity, the instrument was largely forgotten. In our days, interest in the Arpeggione is reawakening, and I am proud to be one of the leaders of this revival. The uniqueness of this instrument is that it can be played as a guitar, using all known techniques. It can also be played with a bow, like a cello.


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